Scientific Seminar "Science Bridges"

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📅 May 24, 2021, 18:00 CET

Science as a Social Process: Agent Based Simulations

Prof. Paweł Sobkowicz (National Center of Nuclear Research)


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Research is a social process involving multiple roles, goals,  constraints. But it is not *wholly* social, at least for some  disciplines, as the aim of science is to describe faithfully the  observations of natural and social phenomena. The explosive growth  of the research community and its activities since 19th century does  not only merit  curiosity-driven efforts to understand it, but is  also essential from the practical point of view.  Discussions  regarding improvement of funding allocation, innovativeness of  research, choices of individual careers - all require understanding  of the complex, interacting social systems.  The three Agent Based Models presented here aim to provide novel  tools in developing a deeper, process-focused understanding of such  diverse aspects as ascendancy of new theories, fashion and lobbying  roles in funding decisions and the effects of grant-based funding schemes.

paweł sobkowicz Prof. Paweł Sobkowicz - PhD in theoretical physics, between 1982 and 1993 worked at the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences. Author of over research papers, cited over 600 times. Since 1993 he has been a member of management teams of several high-tech companies, both international (Silicon Graphics Inc. Network Appliance Inc., Fujitsu-Siemens Corporation, Bull) and Polish. Since June 2012 he has joined the National Centre for Nuclear Research,  with the task of managing the technology transfer processes and management of commercialization efforts.

The experience gathered during the 20 years of commercial career covers many aspects, including human resources management, financial planning, sales management and general understanding of the decision processes in commercial environments. It is especially important in the context of efficient cooperation between the research communities and industry – the differences in language which is used by both communities is one of the most important factors slowing down or inhibiting successful commercialization. This experience complements the understanding of methods typical for research processes, with their inherent risks and uncertainties, as well as practical aspects of doing science.
Since 2018 is the Scientific Operations Director of the NOMATEN Centre of Excellence in Multifunctional Materials for Industrial and Medical Applications , which has received the prestigious grant in the EU Teaming for Excellence programme in 2019.

Scientific Seminar "Science Bridges"